You and your life’s circumstances are like no one else’s. At LRADAC, your path to recovery will also be unique. During your first appointment, a counselor will interview you to learn about who you are and how your life is affected by substance use. Together, you will create your plan of care. Learn more about specific treatment opportunities below.

If you struggle to stop using substances because of withdrawal symptoms, you may participate in our inpatient detoxification program. In detox, you receive medically-monitored care to help you minimize the symptoms of withdrawals.

The South Carolina Alcohol and Drug Safety Action Program (ADSAP) is a mandatory statewide education and treatment program designed to lower risk for individuals who are convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and individuals whose licenses are suspended through the state’s Administrative License Revocation (ALR).

Recovering Professionals Program is a confidential referral and monitoring program designed for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dentists and podiatrists in South Carolina who are experiencing problems related to alcohol and/or other drug abuse or dependence, or from a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental illness. The program ensures that impaired professionals receive the help they need at the earliest point possible.

Adult Outpatient

In outpatient, you may come for treatment only a few days a week. During your time with us, you will have access to many services including individual counseling, group counseling, case management, job training, life skills training, and peer support.

Maternal Outreach Management Services (MOMS)

Pregnant women are a priority population who present a unique set of challenges for substance abuse, healthcare, and social service providers. LRADAC’s Maternal Outreach Management Services (MOMS) uses a nurturing, supportive, non-judgmental approach with pregnant mothers. By partnering with local ob-gyn offices, social services, parenting agencies and community groups MOMS provides specialized services unique in the Midlands and the state. The goals of the program are to facilitate services for prenatal care, recovery from substance abuse and ultimately a healthy birth outcome.

Transformation Institute for Women

LRADAC offers gender-specific programming to meet the specialized treatment needs of women.  The Transformation Institute for Women gives each woman the opportunity to participate in programs that were created not only to address substance abuse or addiction issues but to heal the whole woman.

Special Considerations

LRADAC offers programming to accommodate the specific needs of individuals with the following considerations: intravenous (IV) drug use, co-occurring substance use and mental health issues, HIV/AIDS, criminal justice involvement, and members of the LGBTQ community.

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

In response to the increasing opioid problem in our communities, LRADAC offers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) as an accompaniment to our treatment services. LRADAC embraces a behavioral health treatment model, where all patients engage in group and/or individual therapy, with intensity varying based upon an individual’s assessment. Individuals struggling with opioid misuse may come in for an assessment during regular walk-in times.  Those who meet the admission criteria will be screened for possible admission to the MAT Program.  For patients accepted into the MAT Program, medications such as Suboxone, Subutex, other buprenorphine medications, or Vivitrol may be prescribed as part of your treatment plan of care.