Misuse of alcohol and drugs impact individuals, families, and communities. Our Community Resource Center, family counseling services, and drug screening lab are available to community members who may be impacted by a loved one’s substance misuse.  Additionally, other organizations in the Midlands are partners for recovery that may also be able to assist you and your loved ones.

The PRESS (Prevention Resources Everyone Should See) is your go-to resource for educating yourself on alcohol and drugs, their impact, and how to prevent substance misuse.

Family Services

Family members are the silent witnesses to their loved ones’ pain and may often be hurting as well. When your loved one makes the decision to seek treatment, you may also have unanswered questions and concerns of your own. To assist our patients and their families in this transition, LRADAC’s adult and adolescent programs offer individual family sessions, as well as multi-family support groups in order to educate, encourage and provide the needed skills to foster positive family interaction in treatment, recovery and throughout life. Families that participate with their loved one in the treatment process exponentially increase the chance for recovery success for the individual and the family.

Drug Screening

LRADAC’s facility includes a state-of-the-art CLIA certified drug screening lab. This service is available to the public and therefore can be used by individuals as well as employers seeking employment drug screening services. For information on using LRADAC for drug screening, please call us at   726-9300.