Prescription drugs can be very dangerous if they are taken by a person who does not need them or if used incorrectly. Talk with your children about prescription drugs and how these drugs can be dangerous and should be used only as directed.

Ideas for captive conversations: Traveling in the family car gives you a great opportunity to talk with your children with few distractions.

  • Talk about the rules to your family in regards to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • Establish the consequences for breaking the rules.
  • Discuss your child’s friends and peer pressure and how he/she handles it.
  • Talk about who your child can go to when faced with issues they don’t feel comfortable with.


Drug use often begins at home with children and teens getting access to their family members’ medications.  Be sure and keep the medications in your home out of reach of children and teens.


Many adults may not realize that some of their medications are missing.  Keep track of how many pills or dosages are available.  Let your children know that you are monitoring your medications to be sure they are protected from misusing them.


It is very important to dispose of unused and unwanted medications in order to keep them from being misused. It is also important to safely dispose of medications in order to protect the environment Prescription drug take back sites are available throughout the state.

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