Leslie Wilson Announces Retirement from LRADAC

Leslie Wilson, Vice President of LRADAC, Announces Retirement

After 28 years of service to LRADAC, Leslie Wilson, Vice President of Treatment and Intervention, will retire this November.

Wilson is known as a pioneer in the field of treatment for substance use disorders. During her tenure at LRADAC, she developed and implemented programs that collectively serve more than 4,000 people in the Midlands each year. Specific services include the Transformation Institute for Women, Compass outpatient treatment for adolescents, Adult and Juvenile Drug Courts, DUI court, integrated services for co-occurring disorders.

Gayle Aycock

Recovery is Possible

Problems with mental illness and substance use disorders are common throughout our community. According to a 2012 survey by the federal government, 8.4 million American adults reported having co-occurring disorders, meaning they have both a mental health and a substance use disorder. While co-occurring disorders are common, so are stories of recovery. In fact, there are people in every walk of life in the Midlands who are on a path to mental and physical health. And as they work on their recovery journeys, they contribute to our communities, participate in business and provide for their families.