Recovery from substance use disorders is POSSIBLE and Rock for Recovery celebrates the beauty of that reality. September is National Recovery Month and the LRADAC Foundation is kicking down barriers to ensure ALL of our neighbors, friends and loved ones have access to treatment for alcohol and/or drug misuse. At LRADAC, NO ONE is turned away from services because of an inability to pay. Thankfully, because of charitable contributions from our benevolent donors, individuals and families without insurance and/or those facing financial hardships can apply for financial assistance that can help pay for assessments, treatment and other programs.

#Rock4Recovery 2021

Support a cause that is helping families heal and strengthening our own community. Together we can raise more than we could alone.

We are so grateful for our 2019 Rock 4 Recovery Sponsors. Interested in sponsoring in 2021? Check out our sponsorship opportunities.

Come sing, dance and let out your inner Rock Star, all in support of LRADAC’s Recovery Assistance Fund.

Video Credit: Ben Sauls Productions


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John & Carol Roof

Debbie Francis & Deborah Tapley

Harry and Jane Ward

Jeff and Amy Reeves

Anida Mims