Every Journey Needs A Hero

Many families who consider treatment for alcohol or drug misuse cannot afford the staggering costs and the journey to recovery can be isolating and difficult. People seeking recovery need community and they need help raising funds to fully participate in the services available to them and their families.

The LRADAC Foundation works to create a community that embraces recovery and provides much-needed support for those who are thinking about taking their first steps towards recovery. Our mission is to reduce substance misuse as a leading cause of family collapse and harm to children by raising support for families and programs at LRADAC.

September is National Recovery Month and the LRADAC Foundation is celebrating that recovery from substance use disorders is possible.  Entire families and children especially suffer when a parent or other loved one is struggling with alcohol and drug use. Fortunately, thanks to the services at LRADAC, thousands of families have experienced the power of recovery and healing. <<Learn More>>

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Charles’ Journey

I lost my job, wife and daughter to an alcohol use disorder. My alcohol use started casually but, as my workload increased, so did the drinking. After losing my job and being kicked out of the house, I knew I needed help. With no income, I didn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, I still received help because of recovery assistance provided for people like me who are uninsured or facing financial hardship. At LRADAC, I received the support and services I needed. I am now living in recovery, have a job and working to regain visitation with my daughter.

Susan’s Journey

Becoming addicted to drugs wasn’t something I had ever imagined for myself. The feeling the drugs gave me wasn’t something I ever expected to fall in love with. After several setbacks and becoming pregnant, I knew I needed help. Everyone deserves a safe place to heal and the M.O.M.S. program, at LRADAC, allowed me to do that. My counselors helped educate me about the harm I was causing to myself and to my unborn child. They never judged me and they believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. LRADAC provided the positive peer support I needed to break the cycle of making unhealthy decisions for myself and my baby.

Rob’s Journey

My addiction destroyed all of the relationships in my life, except for one. My mother stood by my side through the ups and downs and my recovery has brought us closer than ever before. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight but having guidance from LRADAC’s Adult Outpatient Program made my journey bearable. My mother even received the support she desperately needed through LRADAC’s Family Services. I have a hard time putting my gratitude into words, but I want you to know that your generosity is deeply appreciated.

Recovery Assistance Fund

Once a person decides to seek help, the cost of services becomes the primary barrier to participating in treatment. Thankfully, LRADAC does not turn patients away because of an inability to pay for services. Because of charitable contributions to the LRADAC Foundation, individuals and families without insurance or those facing financial hardships can apply for financial assistance that can help pay for assessments, treatment and other programs. Through treatment, we know that recovery is possible and families can heal.

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